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                              How to remedy electric fire pump motor overload

                              Author: admin Source: The internet Posted On: 2020/1/6 16:06:26

                              We sometimes find that the motor of the electric fire pump often emits some abnormal noises, or even burns out. Many people will feel that if this happens, it should be a quality problem of the motor, but it is not ...
                              Generally motors have a fixed operating power, called rated power, in watts (W). If the actual power of the motor exceeds the rated power of the motor under certain conditions, this phenomenon is called motor overload. So why is the electric fire pump motor overloaded? What to do if the fire pump motor is overloaded? What causes the fire pump motor overload? Facing the overload of the fire pump motor, I believe you have countless doubts, then how to solve the problem of the overload of the fire pump motor?
                              Before understanding the fire pump motor overload remedies, let's take a look at the reasons for the motor overload.
                              There are four main types of fire pump motor overload
                              1. The temperature rise of the motor exceeds the rated temperature rise, and the heat generation of the motor greatly increases;
                              2. The motor load changes drastically, causing the motor speed to rise and fall;
                              3. Motor speed drops; motor current exceeds rated value;
                              4. The motor has noise, such as low noise.
                              Of course, it may also be due to other special circumstances, such as a leak in the lift.
                              So, what are the remedies we can do in the face of overloading the electric fire pump motor?
                              First, timely remedy, such as when the fire pump motor load is too heavy, you should consider appropriate load reduction or replacement of a motor with a suitable capacity. If the transmission part of the fire pump mechanism fails, which causes the motor to overload and burn out the motor windings, at this time, it is necessary to check the fault existing in the mechanical part and take the appropriate measures.
                              Second, do a good job of prevention. In view of the large increase in motor fever, relevant personnel should summarize their experience and do a good job of prevention after knowing why the fever has occurred.
                              3. Do a good job of checking between parts. If the fire pump is frequently operated, relevant personnel need to check the bearing wear intermittently. If it fails, replace the new bearing;
                              Secondly clean the bearing and fill it with appropriate amount of grease. Then check the motor end cap. If the center hole of the end cap causes wear and tear of the rotor, the end cap should be treated or replaced.
                              Therefore, when we use electric fire pumps, the head should never exceed the value specified by the sewage pump, otherwise it is easy to cause damage to the fire pump. Of course, you must also ensure the quality and performance of fire pumps when purchasing, and ensure that the fire pumps play the best role in many aspects.

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