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                              Frequency Booster Water Supply Pump Set, apply for hydrants pump station take the best variable speed drive in the worldwide. The origin national variable speed drive controls the speed and quantity of single or more than pumps to make sure constant pressure water supply. Then our water supply system is the most reasonable and economical. Meanwhile, automaticly operation. Compact structure, Fully functional, small space. Instead of traditional water tower, high water tank and water supply equipment. Save engineering cost, Shorten the project time. Avoid the second water pollution.



                              Flow: 2-160m3/h
                              Rotary Speed: 2900r/min
                              Head: 24-200m
                              Power: 1.1-110kw
                              Caliber size: 25-150mm(1inch-6inch)
                              Operation temperature: -15 °C - +120°C


                               Widely Application

                               1. Drinking water supply in ordinary residential buildings, commercial buildings, residential area.

                               2. Fire water supply in high building

                               3. Production and life water in some industrial and mining enterprises

                               4.  Sewage treatment system

                               5. Water irrigation and spring irrigation


                              Details Images


                              Machine Parts

                              Name: Booster Pump

                              Model: CDL/CDLF

                              Original: China


                              Booster Pump for clean water or hot water as per Client's requirement.



                              Main Parts

                              Name: Pressure Tank
                              Brand: BORRA
                              Original: China

                              Pressure tank capacity from 50L to 1000L as per client's

                              requriement,Cast steel material or Stainless Steel Material.

                              Tank Pressure from 0.6Mpa to 1.6 Mpa.



                              Machine Parts

                              Name: Control Panel
                              Brand: BORRA
                              Original: China

                              Control Pumps Work.

                              Pressure Control,Variable Frequency Control, Etc. As per Client's requirement.



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